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Wonderful World of Worders

…an innovative creative collection of 525 micro-stories,
stories which vary from 60 to 250 words on specific titles.
This anthology represents seventy two writers from over twenty
seven countries including Ireland, the UK, Europe, America,
Zimbabwe, Kuwait, India, Australia and Kenya with authors
ranging from eight years of age to middle age.

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I’ve written ever since I can remember, but got out of the habit somewhere between my mid-twenties and the pub. Rediscovering writing was largely aided and abetted by the BBC website, Get Writing. The site was axed in 2005 and the community that once resided there have moved on to pastures new. To commemorate this community, a five volume anthology was compiled containing selective works from members of the site. 

Stationery Explorer appears in volumes 1and 4 but the whole collection is available below, for free, in e-book format:

The BBC Get Writing Anthology
Vol. 01 Vol. 02 Vol. 03 Vol. 04 Vol.05
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