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The Stationery Cupboard is the office of The Stationery Explorer – a writer. His identity is so secret that even he has no idea who he is. There are some clues hidden around this site, but it is unlikely his true identity will ever be fully discovered.

Despite this obvious drawback, he manages to find his way to work most days. Following the consumption of several double espressos, he sits here churning out, what is widely acknowledged to be, total nonsense. And the odd bit of literary fiction.

With regard to the cupboard itself, this delightful little room began life as an outside lavatory in rural Suffolk but, in 2003, it was converted into the hive of literary activity it is today. Conservationists will be pleased to note that the original porcelain feature remains in situ and has been put to good use as an office chair. The result there is that pretty much the same thing can be produced at both ends, at the same time.

The Stationery Explorer would like to make it clear that he is in no way connected to Global Kebab & Photocopying (1997) Ltd, t/a Waltham Cross Stationery.

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