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Awkward Angel

February 25, 2011

Awkward Angel

Screenplay – RomCom

“If life continually comes between you and the one you love, try death.”

Long Pitch

Andrew Cross is young, successful and hungry for more. He has a great career in advertising and a little black book containing the phone numbers of more women than you could shake a stick at.

One morning, on the daily commute to work, he meets Lisa West. Despite her quirky appearance, her aversion to materialism and her propensity for breaking things, Andrew is intrigued by her. Lisa, on the other hand, just falls totally in love with him.

Over a few weeks, they get to know each other and Lisa resolves to ask him for a date. On the very morning she has planned to ask him out, she is tragically killed by a falling MacDonald’s sign.

Despite being dead, Lisa makes use of her time in the after-life by looking after Andrew’s welfare. Everything goes well until he meets Sandra, a social-climbing gold-digger with an attraction to money. Andrew’s money.

Lisa does her level best to keep Sandra away from Andrew, but fails at every turn. Eventually Sandra manages to embed her hooks into Andrew’s heart as well as his wallet; Lisa gets one last chance to save Andrew from a life of misery.


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