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A Brighter Shade of Grey

February 24, 2011

A Brighter Shade of Grey

A novel – Epic, drama

Colin is forty. His wife has left him, so have his friends and his job sucks. All he wants is a second chance. He gets two.”

Long Pitch

Colin Lincoln is dying of boredom.

He is unexpectedly given a second chance in life when the funeral of a former colleague reunites him with his old friend, Paul Archer.

Inspired by old times, Archer suggests Colin moves to Spain to start a new life.

At first, the challenge seems little more than a dream, but the continued presence of his friend invokes a revival of his youth. He is galvanised into action.

Having burned most of his bridges along the way, Colin finds himself in Spain. His new life is exactly as he imagined; filled with laughter, excitement and the occasional misdeed. But all the time, deep down, he knows he lacks the one thing he needs to complete the picture – a good woman.

Life being what it is, he meets her. He knows there is a price to pay for his new lifestyle, but is determined to strike a balance between the excitement he craves and the stability he needs.

It soon becomes clear that he can only choose one of the two paths open to him. The question is will he pick the right one before it’s too late?


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