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So You’d Better Be Good For Goodness Sake…




Well I’ve decided to take a break from my current manuscript and am plunging into a NaNoWriMo instead.

I’ve always been concerned that if I start something new before completing the novel, it’ll never get finished, but NaNoWriMo gives me the perfect excuse as it’s for a month, no more and no less.

Anyone vaguely interested in seeing whether or not I can write 50’000 in a month can catch-up with my progress here.


A Brighter Shade of Grey now has its own blog page (

Well, why the heck not?

Book Cover

Awkward Angel

Awkward Angel

Screenplay – RomCom

“If life continually comes between you and the one you love, try death.”

Long Pitch

Andrew Cross is young, successful and hungry for more. He has a great career in advertising and a little black book containing the phone numbers of more women than you could shake a stick at.

One morning, on the daily commute to work, he meets Lisa West. Despite her quirky appearance, her aversion to materialism and her propensity for breaking things, Andrew is intrigued by her. Lisa, on the other hand, just falls totally in love with him.

Over a few weeks, they get to know each other and Lisa resolves to ask him for a date. On the very morning she has planned to ask him out, she is tragically killed by a falling MacDonald’s sign.

Despite being dead, Lisa makes use of her time in the after-life by looking after Andrew’s welfare. Everything goes well until he meets Sandra, a social-climbing gold-digger with an attraction to money. Andrew’s money.

Lisa does her level best to keep Sandra away from Andrew, but fails at every turn. Eventually Sandra manages to embed her hooks into Andrew’s heart as well as his wallet; Lisa gets one last chance to save Andrew from a life of misery.

A Brighter Shade of Grey

A Brighter Shade of Grey

A novel – Epic, drama

Colin is forty. His wife has left him, so have his friends and his job sucks. All he wants is a second chance. He gets two.”

Long Pitch

Colin Lincoln is dying of boredom.

He is unexpectedly given a second chance in life when the funeral of a former colleague reunites him with his old friend, Paul Archer.

Inspired by old times, Archer suggests Colin moves to Spain to start a new life.

At first, the challenge seems little more than a dream, but the continued presence of his friend invokes a revival of his youth. He is galvanised into action.

Having burned most of his bridges along the way, Colin finds himself in Spain. His new life is exactly as he imagined; filled with laughter, excitement and the occasional misdeed. But all the time, deep down, he knows he lacks the one thing he needs to complete the picture – a good woman.

Life being what it is, he meets her. He knows there is a price to pay for his new lifestyle, but is determined to strike a balance between the excitement he craves and the stability he needs.

It soon becomes clear that he can only choose one of the two paths open to him. The question is will he pick the right one before it’s too late?


Without further ado, here is my idea. In his book “Save the Cat!” Blake Snyder suggests asking people what they think of your ideas. Not much use for me, I thought, that’s the kind of conversation which generally results in a range of reactions from genuine pity to a tacit query of my ability to tell the truth.

“Oh, so you’re a writer, are you? Pleased to meet you, I’m the Queen of Sheba…”

Somehow I managed to overlook the fact I have internet access. Fortunately I have now discovered blogging (late as ever) and realise I can ask people to vote for my pitches without the associated  examination of my assumed psychosis / personality disorder.

Thus I intend to devote an entire page to this very theme.

Go me!

Book Jacket

This is the original photo I took to make the cover for my book. Please don’t ask why I own a coffin.

I hasten to add, I’m not a goth.

Is It Morning Already?

The Stationery Cupboard is the office of The Stationery Explorer – a writer. His identity is so secret that even he has no idea who he is. There are some clues hidden around this site, but it is unlikely his true identity will ever be fully discovered.

Despite this obvious drawback, he manages to find his way to work most days. Following the consumption of several double espressos, he sits here churning out, what is widely acknowledged to be, total nonsense. And the odd bit of literary fiction.

With regard to the cupboard itself, this delightful little room began life as an outside lavatory in rural Suffolk but, in 2003, it was converted into the hive of literary activity it is today. Conservationists will be pleased to note that the original porcelain feature remains in situ and has been put to good use as an office chair. The result there is that pretty much the same thing can be produced at both ends, at the same time.

The Stationery Explorer would like to make it clear that he is in no way connected to Global Kebab & Photocopying (1997) Ltd, t/a Waltham Cross Stationery.